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Stand-out Trees for Texture and Form

Creating interest in the garden is all about texture and form. With a few simple tips, you can have a garden that is beautiful to look at and great to live in.

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Sure less is more, and variety can be restricted by the size of the garden you are looking to plant, but with a reasonable space and minimal plantings, where's the interest?

We love the idea of creating gardens to live in, not just to view. To live in a garden means that there is an element of interaction; this could mean effective lighting to enhance spaces and form such as the large limbs of trees in early evening, or planting a grove of fastigiate trees in odd numbers to create a particular effect.

So how do you create interest? The answer lies in texture and form. Using plants and trees intelligently will not only make for a safe outdoors environment but it makes the time spent in the garden more enjoyable whether that is lounging with friends around the BBQ or playing with your kids. Here’s how to make great gardens to live in, not just good to look at!

Here is a mix of trees with great sensory interest. We encourage everyone to be inspired and to be adventurous. The need to heighten perceptions in the garden will open your eyes to many, many more options for both texture and form and will ensure we get a greater variety of plants back into people’s lives.

This is a very slow growing and long-lived, deciduous tree with a large and elegant habit. Considered quite an ancient tree, it is known to have origins dating back to Jurassic times and is often referred to as a living fossil. Specimens exist in its native origin, China which are estimated to be over 1000 years old. It has unique, double-lobed, fan-shaped leaves with veins which spread from the stalk of the leaf. Short catkins are produced, followed by yellow fruit and the foliage is a rich green, which turns a golden yellow in autumn. 40cm/27L 50cm/52L 100L 200L
Creating quite the visual impact over a lengthy period, this variety offers masses of intense, pink flowers over summer, followed by stunning, rich foliage colour in tones of yellow, red and orange through autumn, before shedding its leaves. When mature, the bark of this variety will peel, creating a mottled effect to reveal the beautiful caramel-pink colour of its underbark. 30cm/14L 40cm/27L 100L 200L
This is a small elegant looking tree that offers striking lemon yellow weeping foliage changing to lime-green as it ages. It makes a lovely screen, street or feature tree - great for colour contrast in a landscape. Is tolerant of coastal conditions. 100L
This is a stately tree which grows straight and tall. The bark sheds in summer and is smooth and cream in colour with grey spots from the older bark, providing contrast and interest with its mottled appearance. The leaves are dark green and glossy and from autumn to winter, small clusters of fragrant white flowers appear attracting birds and honey bees to the area. 40cm/27L 50cm/52L 100L
This tree has bright green foliage that turns to a pale yellow in Autumn. The trunk is a grey colour when young gradually turning to white. It produces long hanging pale green catkins. 'Moss White' has been selected for its bright white bark. 40cm/27L 50cm/52L 100L 200L
Unique to Speciality Trees and one of our most popular sellers! This is a versatile, bushy tree with a wonderful weeping habit making it perfect for large screening projects and the softening of fence lines. New growth starts off pink with leaves turning to various shades of green as the foliage matures. It forms white flowers in summer, followed by green, bird attracting fruits. The foliage is maintained to the base of the plant giving a year-round lush, full appearance. This variety can also be pleached to a central trunk to raise the height of the lower foliage. 30cm/14L 40cm/27L 50cm/52L 100L 150L
This lime green, pendulous large shrub to small tree produces an abundance of soft yellow flowers during late winter and spring. Its colour and fine weeping foliage makes it a stunning specimen tree or contrast planting. We have great stock ready to go in 33cm and 40cm. 40cm/27L

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